Luxury Living in Park City, Utah

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Joel Carson

As the snow melts in Park City, Utah so do some luxury home prices. Ski season is coming to an end and now is the perfect time to shop for and buy that resort home you’ve been dreaming about.

Park City is an historic community with so many tasteful modern features. The city and the resort are located on the “Wasatch Back” or on the east side of the Wasatch Mountain Range, a part of the Rocky Mountains. Once a mere mining town, modern civilization has found far more gems here on the pristine mountain slopes than inside them.

lady skiingHere are five fabulous reasons to buy your resort vacation home in Park City:

  1. World-class skiing and winter sports venues. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Park City is the place for you. Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and The Canyons Resort feature some of the most popular slopes in the world. Whether you’re looking for a Park City condo, a Park City luxury home, a Park City bungalow, or a Park City cabin, you will be delighted with the breathtaking adventure that surrounds our small mountain communities.
  2. Utah’s Olympic legacy. Utah hosted the world’s 2002 Winter Olympics and the Park City Olympic Park is a testament to the great success of Utah’s moment in the spotlight. The Olympic spirit remains in state-of-the-art venues that allow residents to watch national and international trainings and competitions including Nordic jumping and sliding sports like the bobsled, luge and skeleton. Venues here even cater to summer trainings where athletes practice on plastic runways and condition themselves in a huge training pool. The Alf Engen Ski Museum and 2002 Games exhibit helps keep the spirit alive.
  3. Shopping. If some exhilarating shopping is your favorite form of exercise, you’ll love Park City’s Main Street lined with sweet shopping opportunities. Boutiques and galleries offer unique trinkets, gifts and practical purchases. Fashion is no stranger to this street where stars are known to meander and browse for the perfect wardrobe accessory. Stores in and around Park City cater to people of every ages with products ranging from gag gifts to fine jewelry. The Tanger Outlet Center in Park City makes shopping in an upscale community affordable and practical. It’s not far to Salt Lake City, Utah where countless stores, outlets and malls offer more products and services than most can imagine.
  4. Community. Park City, Utah has taken on a rare character all its own; however, it remains in the midst of that hearty pioneer culture where the spirit of volunteerism and sense of community remain strong. People in Park City and the surrounding area are friendly, open, and engaging.
  5. Culture. Art, history, music, theater, and film are just a few of the cultural wonders that abound along the Wasatch Back. The Sundance Film Festival has drawn significant attention to the area and people are finding there’s much more to Park City than some staggeringly beautiful terrain and pristine powder.

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Park City Unveils Historic Downtown Enhancement Plan

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Joel Carson

Park City, Utah historic downtown at nightIt’s hard to imagine Park City, Utah could get any better than it already is; and yet, the city has unveiled an enhancement plan that will help make Park City home of one of the best recreation destinations on the planet.

The plan is designed to make Park City a more “walkable” community. Its goal is to get residents and visitors to linger longer in the Historic Park City downtown.

The five-year projection identifies Park City’s infrastructure needs and recommends new attractions for the historic district. It offers proven design concepts to make the city more appealing to pedestrians.

Those who call Park City home need not fear the historic character and quality will be going away any time soon. In fact, the warm charm reminiscent of years past is one of the most saleable qualities about this recreation mecca. That quality will be preserved. Park City will encourage economic growth to help complete the stimulating cycle – more visitors and longer visits to the district will encourage more businesses to call Park City home. More businesses will attract more visitors. It’s a win, win proposal.

The plan calls for new attractions, events, and activities. It builds on:

  • snow and ice activities including skating, ice climbing, ice sculpture and snow caves
  • water attractions such as a pop jet fountain and an interactive water sculpture
  • more family-friendly activities with educational play and a historical trail
  • entertainment venues
  • comfortable seating and areas to encourage people to relax and stay awhile in the historic district including picnic tables, shade, and warming stations

If you’re looking for a vacation home, Park City vacation homes offer the best value in the country – and it sounds like the city is well on its way to creating added value. Let me help you find the perfect Park City home. Browse through our Park City home listings 24/7 at Contact me anytime at 801-673-3333 for immediate assistance in making your Park City dream become a reality.

Park City Offers Insane Summer Adventure

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by Joel Carson

If you’re an avid skier, snowboarder or even a snow bunny you’re probably looking at the Park City slopes with longing. That snow can’t stay up there forever. Summer is going to come with all its sun and green and – well – no snow. Never fear, you’ll be thrilled to find Park City home to some of the coolest summer activities on the planet.

Thinking of buying a Park City vacation home? Plan to spend time playing there all year. Your winter wonderland is about to become a mecca of nature and manmade summer adventure.

My hope here is to put that sense of impending doom to rest. The snow will come again; but, in the meantime get ready to rock. (No, seriously, rock climbing is one of the popular summer activities here.)

Adventure Awaits

I have two words for you: Alpine Coaster. It’s one of the longest Alpine Slides in the country and it offers insane adventure. Don’t worry about screaming like a little girl (even if you’re not a little girl), it’s a common phenomenon here. This is how Park City Resort describes the experience:

“Enjoy a relaxing ascent uphill, taking in the mountain scenery, before whizzing down the mile long track of loops, curves and hair-pin curves.”

Or, maybe you’d rather fly through the air than speed down the mountain on the seat of your pants? Try the ZipRider™.  Fly over the tree tops while being propelled 110 feet above Park City Mountain Resort’s ski runs at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

Utah’s Wasatch Back features some of the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever see. Catch a lift to check out hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails.

Look, I’ll make it easy on you. Make Park City home and you purchase a crazy, wonderful, beautiful, relaxing, energizing lifestyle. Are you up to it?

Check out hundreds of Park City luxury homes online today. Call us at 801-673-3333 for help finding the home of your dreams.

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