Park City’s Power Struggle

Park City Homes Power Substation Remains in Place

Professional real estate manby Joel Carson
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Yield sign with bolt of powerAfter 18 months of deliberation, the Park City, Utah City Council has agreed a power substation near capacity will be expanded in place instead of being relocated. The city council will meet in regular session, June 20, 6 p.m. at 445 Marsac Avenue, Lower Level. The power substation expansion is on the agenda. Officials will publicly consider expansion options at the current location.

There’s simply not enough time to properly evaluate a new location and funding before the substation powering many Park City homes will require expansion, according to a June 15 report issued by Community and Public Affairs Manager Phyllis McDonough Robinson. She announced the Park City Council has terminated consideration of the 1555 Iron Horse Drive site for the Rocky Mountain Power Substation expansion.

The Park City Substation is located in Bonanza Park on property owned by Rocky Mountain Power. It is crucial to the city’s power grid providing service to Park City homes. Park City has experienced substantial growth since the substation was built and it is reaching its full capacity. Rocky Mountain Power told the city it needs to be upgraded by fall 2015.

City officials considered relocating the substation and hoped to bury power lines through the Bonanza Park area. The proposal was meant to aid in broader redevelopment in the Bonanza Park District.

Robinson reported three outstanding critical path issues were identified in March:

  1. Satisfactory resolution of access and electric and magnetic fields (EMF) concerns for the owners of Iron Horse Apartments
  2. Financial viability of a Community Development Area (CDA)
  3. Successful negotiation of mutually beneficial deal points between the City and a Bonanza Park area developer, who was willing to provide a financial contribution in addition to upfront cash/financing of the CDA to facilitate the substation relocation and burying the power lines

City officials worry resolution will take too long and will not be completed in time for Rocky Mountain Power to complete its upgrade by fall 2015.

City council members sought public comment on the issue during the 18-month consideration and recently held a full-day open house hosted by Park City Municipal. The council will hold a public hearing on the substation expansion at its June 20 meeting.

At the June 20 meeting city council members will consider two options:

  • One option is the vertical expansion of the substation within its current footprint. Under this option the substation height will increase to about 60 feet.
  • The other option is a “low profile” or horizontal expansion of the substation. Under this scenario the height of the substation will remain at about 30 feet. The substation footprint will be expanded to accommodate the additional equipment.

“In either of these scenarios, it is anticipated that Rocky Mountain Power will propose to increase the height of the power poles to approximately 100 feet. Council will continue to engage Rocky Mountain Power regarding the potential for undergrounding lines in this and other City locations at a subsequent meeting, likely in mid-July,” Robinson reported.

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