Park City Bans Fireworks, Resort Homes Could be at Risk

Professional real estate manby Joel Carson
President/Principal Broker
Utah Real Estate
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As Western states firefighters battle brutal blazes (blazes that have now become deadly), Utah cities and towns are reviewing their own wildfire weaknesses. Park City resort homes could be at risk and city officials aren’t taking any chances; fireworks are banned until Halloween.

According to a June 15 Associated Press news report, city council members are particularly concerned because Park City’s terrain is similar to that of Colorado Springs, Colo. where two people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed by wildfires recently. Both towns feature steep slopes and dry fuel that could aggravate a wildfire there.

In a June 15 CBS news report published online, ‘Federal firefighters feel the burn of budget cuts,’ news specialist Carter Evans wrote, ‘The Colorado fire is just the latest in a series of wildfires across the West that has put an enormous strain on resources.’

Salt Lake Tribune reporters By Janelle Stecklein and Kimball Bennion detailed news of Utah wildfires that are sucking up emergency services time, energy, efforts and money today in Southern Utah in ‘3 blazes burn in southern Utah as wildfire danger remains high.’

The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City has ssued a red flag warning through 10 p.m. A critical situation exists because of the combination of strong winds and low humidity.

Park City emergency program director Hugh Daniels is urging Park City homeowners and visitors to use extreme caution and common sense while enjoying the majestic Wasatch Mountains this summer.

This resort community is a tremendous Utah treasure and wildfire could cause extreme financial setbacks due to the cost of fighting treacherous fires, potential loss of tourism dollars and most importantly, the threat to humans and wildlife safety.

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