Will Park City Trash Plastic Bags?

Could Plastic Bags Become a Thing of the Past in Park City Homes?

Professional real estate manby Joel Carson
President/Principal Broker
Utah Real Estate
SLBR 2012 ‘Salesperson of the Year’

person holding a plastic bag in each handWhy in the world would Park City officials consider banning something as harmless as plastic bags? Mayor Dana Williams is suggesting the world-renowned resort community join forces with some cities that are saying, “No” to a popular product used by millions of Americans.

Plastic bags are booed by many environmentally-conscious citizens who fear the negatives far outweigh the positive aspects of their use as opposed to paper bags (which feature their own set of potential environmental hazards).

Thousands of people flock to Park City vacation homes, condos, townhomes and hotels each year to enjoy the pristine environment and city officials say they want it to stay that way, according to a recent Fox13now.com report filed by journalists Brittany Green-Miner and Todd Tanner.

City officials have expressed concern over the fact that plastic bags are lightweight and easily get caught in the wind – an easy way for them to get strewn across the land. The fact that plastic sacks aren’t biodegradable is another concern. It can take 1,000 years for one bag to completely degrade.

About.com Environmental Issues says plastic bags are a danger to birds and in places where marine life mammals live they are a serious cause of death for thousands that mistake them for food. Because plastic bags require millions of gallons of petroleum to produce that precious resource is diverted from the heating and transportation industries.

Park City offers high-end real estate for affluent residents and city officials would rather not have plastic bags hanging from trees and fences become a symbol of their city or the Wasatch Back where people come to celebrate the wilderness.

The idea, according to Green-Miner’s and Tanner’s report, is to let people know Park City really is concerned about its carbon footprint and is taking action to minimize it.

The concept could actually help preserve property values by keeping the community and the area around it clean, and by speaking the language of many prestigious purchasers who consider environmental impact a major concern.

Because an ordinance banning plastic bags could be construed by some as an attempt to limit the individual right to choose, there may be controversy over the issue. There are still many questions unanswered and the dialogue has just begun, but it’s an interesting subject certainly worth more exploration.

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