Park City Home to Caring Neighbors

Lend a Hand if You Can

Professional real estate manby Joel Carson
President/Principal Broker
Utah Real Estate
SLBR 2012 ‘Salesperson of the Year’

Hand reaching outRunning a saloon in Park City can be back-breaking work. Unfortunately it was the play that really broke the back of No Name Saloon Manager Martin Fairley while he was out snowmobiling with his friends. Martin was reportedly feeling good and on the road to recovery after several trips in and out of the hospital due to a torn ACL. Then, he broke his back.

“Unfortunately his recovery came to a swift halt when he broke his back while snowmobiling. After a life-flight to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Martin underwent several major surgeries. With the success of the surgeries, Martin was fortunate enough to walk again. Due to the expense of his medical bills, we are asking for any donations that you can spare,” says a plea for donations organized by Tiana Lucero on behalf of Fairley at fundraising website called

Owning a home in Park City, living in the community or just visiting the resort town is an adventure. Unfortunately, accidents happen and people on the Wasatch Back take care of their own. Fairley’s friends and neighbors have rallied around him to raise donations hoped to ease the pain of paying for expensive medical care.

According to an ABC 4 News report, Fairley and his friends “. . . were going over some jumps, when Martin accidently jumped off a 15-foot ledge. Martin landed wrong and hyper-compressed his spine. He was life-flighted to hospital where he heard the bad news he had broken his back.”

Fairley is lucky to be able to walk. From what I understand he barely escaped being paralyzed. Medical bills are mounting. This is what I love about Utah communities, this is one of the reasons I live here: people are almost always willing to come together for a cause. On Sunday, Park City merchants and Fairley’s friends came together to raise money and Fairley’s spirits in this special mountain hometown.

There are bound to be more events to come; but, if you can’t make it to an event please be generous by sharing any amount of money you can with Fairley online at a donation site set up specifically for him at

Accidents can happen in any town. Few towns come together for their friends like this one.

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