Park City Home to Greenest Ski Resorts

professional real estateDoctor examining tiny globeby Joel Carson
President/Principal Broker
Utah Real Estate P.C.

Park City, home to some of Utah’s world-class ski resorts, is “A-okay” with the Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition. In its 11th annual survey the organization gave four Utah ski resorts an “A” grade for their environmental performance. Three were Park City resorts. Park City, Deer Valley, Canyons and Sundance were among the lauded operations.

Salt Lake Tribune article, “Park City Ski Resorts among the Greenest Around,” by Mike Gorrell notes all three Park City-area resorts made the top 10 among Western resorts. Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition is based in California, but includes Utah’s Save Our Canyons.

The news is amazing, but not surprising. Park City homes are some of the most expensive around and their owners expect high standards. In fact, that’s how these resorts became world-class in the first place, setting and achieving high standards.

Glowing reports for these resorts (and not-so-glowing reports for others) are based on a compilation of scores given by skiers and snowboarders last year.

Park City Mountain Resort was named No. 1 overall. Mountain Resort scored 93 of 100 percent. Deer Valley was named No. 4 in the entire survey and Canyons Resort came in ninth.

The coalition’s scoreboard is based on 35 environmental criteria. Habitat protection accounts for almost half of the grading system’s possible points. Remaining points are based on:

  • efforts to address global climate change
  • attempts to protect the watershed
  • overall green policies and practices.

Park City Mountain received A’s in all four categories, including perfect scores for protecting habitat and the watershed, according to Gorrell’s report. Renewable energy generating capacity on site, is one weak area for Park City.

Deer Valley and Canyons scored A’s for land and water protections and overall policies. Those resorts need a little work in addressing global climate change.

You can learn all about ratings for each Utah ski resort online at

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