Bright Ideas to Decorate Your Utah Home

5 Holiday Decorating Trends

Joel Carson

by Joel Carson
President/Principal Broker
Utah Real Estate P.C.

Holiday lightsYour Utah home can look better than ever this year with these five holiday decorating trends that are hot, hot, hot this winter.

  1. Hire a professional decorator. More and more homeowners are hiring professional decorators in the interest of safety and in the interest of saving precious time. Professional decorators own the right equipment and have the right skills to install décor in high places, know how to use the proper electrical connections, and can save you precious time (time IS money). Consider hiring a pro to light up your South Jordan townhome.
  2. LED lighting is still hot – and cool this year. Energy-saving LED lights are all the rage for 2012. They are safer for outdoor lighting than the traditional style strands, and they’re quality is constantly improving. Cool colors are in. The traditional red and green glitz isn’t likely to lose popularity; but, cool colors are really in! Try them on your Bluffdale UT condominium.
  3. Theme lighting looks great. Themed décor is big in Utah housing this year. Think silver sparkly lights and rich gold lights for your Bountiful bungalow!
  4. Less is more. Some house owners are opting for higher-quality decorations with an understated, classical appeal. More and more people are asking American retailers for European-style holiday decorations. Expect to pay a little more for quality, but go ahead and bask in the light of your beautiful investments with a smile.
  5. Back to the Future. Traditional lighting simplified is big this year. Some decorators are purchasing modern lights made to look like the big colorful bulbs of yesteryear with safety features previous generations didn’t have. Take a look back if you would like to when decorating your Farmington family home, but keep it simple. Gaudy is not good.

I am looking forward to an amazing holiday season and I hope you are too. At Utah Real Estate P.C. we have a great inventory of Utah homes for sale. Need help deciding where to start? Call me today at 801-673-3333.

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