Smooth Move: Use the Right Packing Products

Pack It Up With These Great Moving Products

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You’re finally ready to move into your new Salt Lake home. Congratulations! There are many steps you can take to make your move run smooth. Packing is an important step in this process. Invest in some quality packing products to make this transition easier whether you are moving across the country or across the street.

Take a list with you to shop for moving supplies. Following are a few items that might be on your list:

People packing boxesBoxes/Cartons

Invest in high-quality boxes and cartons to protect your belongings. Use boxes appropriate for specific contents. For example cans, books, glass, pans, silverware and fragile products require a strong box that won’t buckle, bend or be easily torn. Lighter “economy” boxes are suitable for stuffed animals, some clothing, blankets, sheets and lighter items. Many home improvement, storage and moving stores sell boxes ready to assemble. Purchase containers that are easy for you to handle. Never load more than more than 50 pounds in one box.

There are so many different types of boxes. Use the right box for the recommended use for ease in packing and unpacking. Following are some available types of boxes:

  • File Boxes – for transporting documents
  • Lamp Boxes – these are tall and narrow to protect your precious lamps
  • Picture Boxes – Great for mirrors, art, photographs and posters
  • Kitchen Boxes – Look for kitchen boxes designed specifically for glassware, flatware and more
  • Wardrobe Boxes – Wardrobe boxes feature a bar across the top for putting your hangers

Green tip: Recycle boxes and cardboard cartons whenever possible. Before you buy, check with moving and storage stores for pre-used boxes. Carefully examine the used boxes for tears and holes. Pre-used boxes are often available through local classified ads and online community bulletin boards. Send an email, Tweet or Facebook message requesting used boxes. Often boxes are available free at local grocery and variety stores. In Utah the state liquor store is a great place to pick up heavy-duty cartons that are already assembled.

Packing Tape

Buy high quality tape. A good tape dispenser is well worth the investment. When you buy boxes or acquire them from a free outlet they will often be flattened for easier storage and transport. Build several boxes at one time.

Green tip: Blue painter’s tape is great for labeling boxes. It’s easy to write on and easy to remove. It doesn’t leave residue on the box and won’t tear the surface when you remove it. Be sure to recycle your boxes by passing them along to others who need them.

Packing Products

When you arrive at your new Salt Lake City home, you want to find all of your belongings intact. Make a small investment in the appropriate packing materials. Packing peanuts, packing cubes and other packing materials that will fill in empty spaces around your fragile items and create a cushion to protect items from bumps, shakes and shocks. Bubble wrap is a great way to protect larger items.

Mover’s plastic wrap is available to bind, bundle, and fasten when moving. It keeps items secure, but doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue behind when it’s removed. It comes in many sizes from 5” to 20” and is easy to use.

Green tip: Buy 100 percent bio degradable packing materials for easy, environmentally-friendly clean-up.

Furniture Covers: Use old blankets and sheets secured with plastic wrap to protect furniture. For special items purchase fitted, padded covers.

Labels: Label your boxes carefully. Instead of writing a room only on the box, detail the contents for easier unpacking.

Furniture Dollies: Buy, rent or borrow furniture dollies to protect your back and make moving much easier. There are many different types of dollies, always use them for their intended purposes.

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