Park City Home to Utah Writers Friday, Saturday

Welcome Utah League of Writers

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It doesn’t matter why you love Park City; what matters is that you love it. Whether you decide to live, work or play here, you will discover secrets of the Rocky Mountains and long for them when you’re away. People from around the world seek inspiration from the Utah’s Wasatch Back. The League of Utah Writers will find it here on Friday (Sept. 14) and Saturday (Sept. 15) at the Yarrow Hotel.

Park City is a great place for conventions and professional gatherings of all kinds thanks to the:

  • wide availability of meeting venues
  • inspiring ambiance
  • year-round recreational opportunities
  • stellar business services
  • nearby shopping
  • lodging

The League of Utah Writers was established 77 years ago. The organization nurtures writers of all types and levels. Each year the League holds a statewide convention. This year’s “Roundup” (as writers endearingly refer to it) will feature workshops, seminars and networking.

A variety of writers including poets and young-adult book authors will present. New York Times best-selling novelist Richard Paul Evans, author of ‘The Christmas Box,’ will be among them.

Howard Tayler, writer of “Schlock Mercenary: Sharp End of the Stick,” will also address Utah’s writers as will many more throughout Friday and Saturday. Visit the Utah League of Writer’s website for complete information.

Workshops will prepare writers to present their works for agents or publishers; and National literary agents will be on hand to meet with writers for a minimal fee about their manuscripts. One acquisition editors is Christopher Loke of Provo’s new Jolly Fish Press.

Why not make Park City home to your next convention, family reunion or business retreat? You might just find yourself wanting to stay. Take time today to browse the many Park City homes for sale featured on our website.

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