Regent Offers Modern Salt Lake City, UT Living

City Creek Living Features New Cosmopolitan Salt Lake City Condos

Editor’s note: This entry represents the third in a series of five detailing the wonders of City Creek Living in Salt Lake City.

Tower in downtown Salt Lake City at City Creek

The Regent in City Creek, Salt Lake City

Professional real estate manBy Joel Carson

The Regent, a modern wonder in condominium living, towers over historic surroundings in Salt Lake City, Utah. These Utah homes focus on urban living and offer a cosmopolitan appeal unmatched in the entire state.

The Regent is 20-stories tall. Located on 100 South in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, is a short walk from the city’s best shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural venues.

The Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains offer peaceful beauty and rip-roaring adventure. Prefer to stay at home? You’ll find a pool and terrace on the third floor or your new Salt Lake City home. Hungry? Restaurants are located on the ground floor. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the high-end shops at your service.

It’s true: Cosmopolitan Salt Lake City living has arrived.

City Creek condominiums are available now in three towers including Promontory, The Regent, and Richard’s Court. Today will take an in-depth look at The Regent.

What is City Creek Center?

Think of this new development as an historic Western city on steroids. Salt Lake’s historic integrity is most certainly intact. The natural setting amid towering mountains and flowering valleys is better than ever; but, at City Creek Center you’ll find an electric energy that’s all new.

City Creek is marketed as the place “where friends meet friends, where work meets play, where the past meets the future, and where Salt Lake meets New York.”

All residences in City Creek are a short walk from:

  • restaurants
  • shops
  • symphony
  • the opera
  • theaters (both live and silver screen)
  • a dynamic business center

The Regent, ‘Inspiringly Modern’

The Regent offers many options to help you choose the perfect Salt Lake City Condo to complement your lifestyle. The project team for this tower calls it “stunning from the outside in and even more so from the inside out . . .”

The Regent features quality amenities in every single residence. Equal attention was paid to the common areas where residents can mix and mingle.

Just imagine floor-to-ceiling windows with a bird’s eye view of the mountains. Don’t worry, there’s nothing stuffy about this place. How is it even possible to create such a casual environment that screams high quality and good living?

Following is a list of very reasonable price ranges.

Salt Lake City

I’m so impressed with these new cosmopolitan Salt Lake City condos and I’d like to help you find the perfect one for you. Please contact me, Joel Carson, right now at 801-673-3333.

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