Park City Homes: Share the News About Your Move

Professional real estate manby Joel Carson

You’ve landed the perfect Park City condo. You’re packin’ up and movin’ out – making a break for the fabulous Wasatch Mountains and a world class ski resort. This is a thrilling, exciting, wonderful and extremely stressful day. Let me help you make it just a little less stressful.

There’s plenty you can do to prepare well before moving day. One of the most important things you can do is notify important people, public services, government services and professional organizations of your move. (No, you can’t hide in our spectacular hills forever without telling anyone.)

It’s easy to forget the minor details that need to be addressed when you change residences – whether you are moving across town or across the country.

Get Your Mail Wherever You Go

It’s easy to file a change of address with the United States Postal Service. Visit for simple instructions to file it online. It only takes a few minutes and can be done well before the day of your actual move. Set the change to take effect when you want it to.

Address Each Utility in Advance

You’re going to be under enough pressure during the week of your move. Take time well before to notify utility companies of your move.

Here’s a handy list of utilities that need to be addressed:

  • electric
  • gas
  • water
  • telephone
  • sewer
  • trash
  • cable/satellite
  • fuel (oil/propane)
  • internet

Share Your News with the News

Be sure to notify all publications that are delivered directly to your home that you’re leaving. Stop service or have it forwarded as appropriate.

Consider the following:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • newsletters
  • professional journals

Help Uncle Sam Help You

Many government agencies rely on you to notify them of any major life changes including a change of address. Notify government agencies that might need to reach you including the following:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Social Security
  • state/federal tax bureaus
  • city/county tax commission
  • Veterans Administration

Personal Services Need to be Notified Too

Here are a few personal services you should consider notifying just before you make your move:

  • credit card companies
  • laundry service
  • banks
  • lawn service
  • dry cleaner
  • pharmacy
  • health club
  • auto finance company
  • pharmacy

Let Schools Know Where Your Family is Going

  • Pre-School/Elementary School/Secondary Schools
  • Institutions of higher learning
  • Trade schools

Contact Professional Services Well in Advance

You interact often with many different professional services. Include them in the notification process and when necessary, ask them for a referral to a new service provider in the area to which you are moving. Here are some examples:

  • doctor
  • dentist
  • accountant
  • lawyer
  • broker
  • insurance agency

Need more tips to help make your move as smooth as possible? Call me, Joel Carson, today at 801-673-3333. Send an email to Take time now to browse the fabulous inventory of Park City condos, Park City vacation homes, Park City single family homes and more for sale at

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