Park City Unveils Historic Downtown Enhancement Plan

Beautiful Park City, Utah
Real estate broker in dark suit
Joel Carson

Park City, Utah historic downtown at nightIt’s hard to imagine Park City, Utah could get any better than it already is; and yet, the city has unveiled an enhancement plan that will help make Park City home of one of the best recreation destinations on the planet.

The plan is designed to make Park City a more “walkable” community. Its goal is to get residents and visitors to linger longer in the Historic Park City downtown.

The five-year projection identifies Park City’s infrastructure needs and recommends new attractions for the historic district. It offers proven design concepts to make the city more appealing to pedestrians.

Those who call Park City home need not fear the historic character and quality will be going away any time soon. In fact, the warm charm reminiscent of years past is one of the most saleable qualities about this recreation mecca. That quality will be preserved. Park City will encourage economic growth to help complete the stimulating cycle – more visitors and longer visits to the district will encourage more businesses to call Park City home. More businesses will attract more visitors. It’s a win, win proposal.

The plan calls for new attractions, events, and activities. It builds on:

  • snow and ice activities including skating, ice climbing, ice sculpture and snow caves
  • water attractions such as a pop jet fountain and an interactive water sculpture
  • more family-friendly activities with educational play and a historical trail
  • entertainment venues
  • comfortable seating and areas to encourage people to relax and stay awhile in the historic district including picnic tables, shade, and warming stations

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