Help for Your Utah Home

Enjoy decorating

Decorate with Wall Decals!

By Joel Carson

professional business manIf you’re getting ready to decorate your new Utah dream home, you have got to check out wall decals. Wall decals offer a great alternative to expensive wallpaper and multi-tone paint jobs.

Let me guess, the first thing that popped into your mind is a huge image of Disney’s Belle dancing across your living room wall, right? I want to encourage you to rethink this and if you haven’t looked at wall decals lately, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Enjoy decorating

Decorating your Utah home can be fun!

I sell Utah homes. I have seen the insides of literally hundreds of Utah homes and I like what I’m seeing. Wall decals are great for renters, leasers, and new Utah home buyers because:

  • they come in many colors and styles
  • they’re not just for juveniles anymore
  • they’re made to endure
  • they’re easy to remove
  • they’re easy to apply
  • they’re super easy to change
  • they can add a classical, whimsical, elegant or artsy element to any room
  • they are relatively inexpensive

You can actually make a stylish statement with wall decals for about three bucks. Of course, the price range is huge and can go well beyond $100.

Cover an entire wall or cover a tiny corner of your Utah home. As a general rule, bigger and more complex designs are more expensive.

You can get a great sense of what’s available online. Simply type in the words, “wall decals” into a major search engine and shop until you drop. Decorate and redecorate your Utah home in your mind a thousand times before purchasing the decals you need to create your desired effect.

Decorating a new Utah home can be great fun – especially with wall decals!

Browse our listing of Utah homes for sale 24/7. We can’t wait to help you find the home that’s just right for you and your family.


Here are a few suggestions to consider before you buy:

  1. Don’t paint your room until you buy the decals. Take them to the paint store with you for color matching.
  2. New paint should cure for about one month before decals are applied.
  3. Only apply decals to clean walls.
  4. Watch out for extreme temperatures. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for an optimal application environment.
  5. Wall decals aren’t great for areas with high humidity.

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